Broadcast Snooze

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Song title : Broadcast Snooze
Uploaded by : Suzanne Cloud
Genre : MSM
Duration : 03:16
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Short Description

Music by Jim Miller and lyrics by Suzanne Cloud. Musicians: keyboardist Mark Knox, drummer Jim Miller, vocals Suzanne Cloud and Mark Knox If you are absolutely put off by today's media coverage of our world - please listen. Most of the lyrics are composed of industry jargon insiders use in the biz. Here they are and their meanings: "SLAP shot (=stupid, live and pointless), talking bean (=vacuous taking head) Cable, keeps it cheese (=schmaltzy story or anchor chat producers hate but viewers love) Greta (Van Susteran from Fox News), back to you. We know you’ve got things to do. Hair cut (=the on-camera talent), mike stand (=photographer's term for reporters), too Bird block (=satellite-feed newscast segment), Brady Bunch (=team coverage video effect; the screen is split into boxes) Bat phone (=direct line from producers to anchors), out to lunch Dog lick (=live shot irrelevant to story), neat trick Straight live (=reporter stands there and explains what's happening, no tape), oh my! Three A's (='ask any asshole'), slow fade, train wreck (=on-air newscast crash) Newsroom, boom boom, all jive. Christie’s (Chris Christie – Gov of NJ) grip and grin (=candidate photo-op) Hot roll (=rolling tape from the live truck during the newscast), newsgasm (=big disaster story) Big board (=giant TV screen in back of reporter) with anchorettes (=attractive but inexperienced female anchors) Dave’s (David Gregory) gone from Meet the Press War zones with standup tease (=upcoming story promo) BOPSA (=generic shot of a 'bunch of people standing around'), diggin' sleaze Go get what's next, forget context Warm props (=background newsroom employees seen in wide shots of the studio floor during newscasts), don't stop, train wreck Newsroom, boom boom, all jive Newtown (Sandy Hook massacre), hose and go (=shoot as much video as possible) Smotherage (=teams of reporters on the same story), never slow Truth told? Let's get real! Fuzz was (=any sensational story with cops and dead bodies), sex appeal Stakeout (=packs of photographers and reporters waiting for something or someone), scandal rules, ratings, silly fools. Wire fire (=wiring a mic' on a remote interview guest so the studio anchor can fire questions), old liars, flop sweat Newsroom, boom boom, all jive. Push the suck button (=a directorial or other major on-air technical mistake) and cue the Jesus lights" (=camera filters that create a 'star effect' on the studio lighting).*

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