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  • Song title : BATMAN V SUPERMAN (In Real-Life)
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  • Who would win? Who's stronger? The Dark Knight or the Man Of Steel? Batarangs or Laser Vision? Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne? Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill? Michael Keaton or Christopher Reeve? Alien or Human Being? We put the two superheroes' strengths to the test in this modern-day version of their daily lives before Zach Snyder does. Written, Directed and Edited By: Brandon Swofford Produced By: Mario Adriano, JC Castro, Tino Dimperio, Harrison Glover, Vince McManus and Brandon Swofford Fight Chroeo By: Matt Franta Starring: Luke Buenaventura as Batman Brandon Swofford as Superman Parris Calkin as Green Lantern Harrison Glover as Captain America Gerard Power as Spider-Man Batman created by Bob Kane Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster Green Lantern created by John Broome, Gil Kane, Bill Finger and Martin Nodell Captain America created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby Spider-Man created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Click Here To Watch the Gag Reel: Check Out More Videos at: Like B$wofford Productions on facebook: Check Out Mash-Ups from the BMoneyrulz channel: 'Guardians Of The Galaxy': (ORIGINAL) Star Wars Mash-Up Trailer “The Amazing Spider-Man 2: “My Own Worst Enemy” Music Video ‘Disney / Pixar’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: The Winter Soldier’: (Original) Toy Story Mash-Up Trailer 'Disney / Pixar's X-MEN: DAYS OF THE FUTURE PAST': (Original) Mash-Up Trailer Re-Cut ‘THOR: THE DARK KNIGHT’: (Original) Mash-Up Trailer "The Iron Wolf Of Wall Street" - Marvel Mash-Up Trailer Re-Cut "IRON BUZZ 3" : (ORIGINAL) Iron Man 3 Mash-Up Trailer #2 "IRON BUZZ 3": Iron Man 3 Super Bowl Mash-Up Trailer Re-Cut DJANGO UNCHAINED - "Short Change Hero" The Heavy - Fan-Made Trailer "IRON BUZZ 3": (Original) Iron Man 3 Mash-Up Trailer Re-Cut (HD) THE LION KING OF STEEL: Man Of Steel Mash-Up Trailer Re-Cut "Disney / Pixar's AVENGERS ASSEMBLE" (Re-Visited) - Mash-Up Trailer Re-Cut "SKYFALL 007" : (Official) Batman Mash-Up Trailer #2 "SKYFALL 007" : Batman Mash-Up Teaser Trailer "Gangster Squad" Toy Story - (ORIGINAL) Mash-Up Trailer Re-Cut THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - Glitch Mob "Animus Vox" (Fan Made) Trailer THE LION KING RISES: Dark Knight Rises Mash-Up Trailer #3 Let My People Go - THE AVENGERS - "The Plagues" "Disney / Pixar's AVENGERS ASSEMBLE" - (Original) Mash-Up Trailer "Disney / Pixar's THE AVENGERS" - (Original) Mash-Up Teaser Trailer Thanks for watching! Like, Comment, Subscribe!
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